My name is Juan Manuel Macarlupu Peña and I am a certified English into Spanish translator. I am a native speaker of Spanish with a superb command of the English language. I studied translation in the National University of Cordoba and Correction of Spanish Texts at Fundación Litterae. The years in this profession have given me the experience necessary to provide you with the quality service that your project requires. I provide services to both translation agencies and end clients. Reach out to me to talk about your project and see how I can help you out.


Make sure that your message gets through and reaches your Spanish speaking audience and potential clients. I guarantee accurate, professional translations that not only do justice to the original, but that are also fluent and natural-sounding in Spanish.


"TEP" refers to the three most important steps in the process of a translation project: Translation (transfering meaning into the target language), editing (comparing the translation to the original) and proofreading (reading the final text to ensure it is mistake-free). Following these steps ensures superior quality. These three services are always to be provided by different professionals to ensure all possible errors are identified, discussed and corrected.


When the quality of your content is paramount or your company’s reputation is at stake, whether it’s for publishing or for commercial purposes, it makes sense to hire the services of a professional editor to guarantee that the final version is 100% error free.


If you are in a position in which the proper use of language is key to success, it is a good idea to resort to a language expert to assist you in achieving your communication goals, whether it is help with naming, company style guides and glossaries, client contact protocols, terminology research, or any other language related needs, I will be more than happy to assist you.

Specialty Fields

I specialize in the translation of documents related to the tourism industry, and IT, websites, Internet-related content and mobile applications (especially dating apps). Within these fields, I offer an array of services that can be found in the Services page. Some of the documents I usually translate, edit or proofread include press releases, interviews, brochures, websites, traveler’s guides, marketing material, counseling material, user manuals, websites, UIs, email marketing campaigns, mobile app notifications, etc. Does your document belong to a different field? I also work with a team of colleagues that are highly qualified in different specialty fields, so, if your project falls within other subject areas, contact me to coordinate your project with a specialist or refer you to the right professional.